Friday, December 09, 2005

Private show

You and I are in that strip club we've been talking about and I notice that there are two girls that peak your interest. You leave for a moment (we'll say you go to the bathroom) and I approach the two girls and organise for a private show and when you come back they take us into a room.

One is laying on her back on a flat surface, table... bed... whatever and her legs are open and you're sitting directly between them. The other is facing you, on her knees and she's straddling the other girls face. We both watch as the one on her back slides her tongue between the kneeling one's legs and starts to bring her off.

The kneeling one is opening herself up more so that you can watch better because I've told them that I want you to be able to see everything and while you're watching I start to kiss your neck and I'm straddling your lap and opening your shirt and I start to tongue my way down your chest. I'm already wet from watching the girls and from anticipation of what's to come and you can feel the heat from my pussy through the layers of clothes you're wearing and you're already hard. You can still see everything the two girls are doing and I start to slide off your lap, still working on your buttons and working my way down to your pants. My fingers are hooked in the waistband and I'm sliding my tongue and lips over your navel and I can smell my excitement on your clothes and I get even more wet from it.

As I undo your pants and slide the head of your cock into my mouth, the kneeling girl leans over and slides two fingers between the lips of the other girl and starts rubbing all over the clit of the girl laying down and she's squirming and you can see her getting wet from the ministrations of the kneeling girl's fingers. You jerk a little in my mouth and I curl my hand around your cock and I start to suck and pump on your dick and I wait for the signal. The kneeling girl leans over and she takes your left hand, goes and she slides your finger into the other girls pussy and she moves your finger in and out and the girl laying down starts to moan. The kneeling girl leaves you to it and she goes back to parting her lips so you can see the tongue of the girl laying down disappear into the kneeling girl and she's rocking on the other girl's face as she starts to get ready to cum.

I start groaning as you get even harder and I suck harder and deeper on your dick because unknown to you, I've asked the girls to do this and I know what you're watching and I know what you're doing and I want you to cum hard and fast. Deep throating you, I rake my nails lightly across your balls and soon you're ready. Withdrawing your fingers from the girl in front of you, you grab my head and you start to groan as you watch the two in front of you and pump cum into my mouth. After you've cum, I grab your hand and looking you straight in the eye and with a smile on my face, I put the fingers you had inside the girl inside my mouth. Just so you know I knew....

Still hard and horny as all fuck, you tell the two girls to leave and as soon as they're gone you throw me on my back on the table/bed, thrust your hand up my skirt and you rip my panties to the side and you finger me hard. I'm soaking wet and I want you so bad that you bring me off quickly and before I get a chance to get my breath, you bring me off again for being a smartass. My clit is aching and you're still hard so you turn me over and push me down so I'm bent over, lift my skirt over my ass, tear my panties off (damn flimsy things) and you fuck me hard from behind with them still gripped in your fingers. You do me hard and deep, fast and slow till I'm shoving myself against you so that it hurts more and I'm cumming so hard that you can feel my muscles going crazy around your dick and you cum again deep inside me.

We leave the place, go home and you do me all over again.

That's what I'm thinking about when I'm bringing myself off. Sounds like fun, huh.


Thursday, October 27, 2005


I shut my eyes and I try to sleep and this is what I see and think about.

Me straddled in your lap. My arms are around your neck and you have one arm around my waist with the fingers of your other hand buried deep inside me. I'm sucking your tongue into my mouth and I'm moaning as you push your fingers deeper and harder inside me and I'm grinding on your hand till I'm cumming all over your fingers.

Me still straddled in your lap. Your shirt open as I tongue my way from your neck down to your nipples, raking my teeth across them till they're hard and red. My fingers inside the waistband of your Levis, under the band of your boxers and running over the tip of your hard cock. Your fingers pressing into my ass as you groan and pre-cum moistens my fingertips and I massage it into the head of your dick before I take my fingers out and suck them into my mouth.

Me on my knees on the floor between your open legs biting the skin above your levis as I undo the buttons my teeth and tongue following where material used to be then licking and sucking on the head of your cock through your boxers. The material wet and clinging to your dick and you're so fucking hard and I moan as I make you wetter and wetter. Your hands in my hair. Head back and groaning as I run my tongue over your balls my fingers running up and down the length of your cock till you lose patience and strip for me.

You throwing me on the couch and positioning me so I'm slouching. You're on your knees on the couch with your hard cock directly in front of my face and I open my mouth and run my tongue over the tip before you slide into my mouth. You withdraw slowly and I press down with the teeth as you do. You like it. You slide back in and my mouth is hot and wet. My tongue is rubbing the underside of your cock and as you slide out you tell me to do it again.

You pushing your cock harder and faster into my mouth as you get ready to cum. My hand curled in a fist pumping your cock while the other hand massages your balls until I feel you're ready to blow. Me letting your cock go and sucking hard as you go deeper inside my mouth choking me with your dick until I feel you jerking inside my mouth. Your hot cum splashing against the back of my throat as I swallow.

You between my legs, holding me open with your hands and biting the inner lips of my pussy until I'm writhing under your mouth. You slowly and deliberately pushing your tongue inside me and fucking me with your tongue, thumbing my clit till I'm thrusting up into your mouth. You tonguing my clit so fast and so hard that when I cum I can hear the wet sucking sounds as my muscles spasm.

You turning me over and taking me from behind. I'm soaking wet and you're gripping my hips and pulling me back onto you as you're pounding into me so hard that I make those "ah ah ah" noises as your hips grind into my ass.

You withdrawing and laying on the couch, bringing me with you. Me straddling your hips again and you pulling me down on your cock and keeping me there with you buried deep inside me as you move me backwards and forwards on your dick totally enveloped in my cunt as I help keep rhythm till I can feel myself cumming. The sudden rush of wetness as I cum hard around your dick bringing about your own orgasm. The skin around your cock soaked from my orgasm and both of us finding it so fucking hard to stop.

No wonder I can't sleep.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I had this dream where you were fingering me and there was someone watching, I started rubbing the guy through the clothes he was wearing in time with your finger moving in and out of me.

You were painfully slow at first and then got faster and faster and it ended with this guy cumming in his clothes while I came all over your fingers and tongue.

Odd thing was when I looked at the guy I'd just given a hand job to, that was you as well. I'm not sure what it means but I woke up very very very very aroused.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Do you ever have times where you're sitting there minding your own business when all of a sudden, just for no reason at all, a vision pops into your head of me riding your dick, mouth slightly open, eyes shut, breathing hard, hands on your chest...

Or how about the one where my lips and tongue are all over you. You're hard and my mouth is moving closer and closer. Your breath is held till you feel my tongue dart over the head of your cock, groaning when I take you in my mouth with my tongue all warm and wet massaging the shaft while I suck on you, hands in my hair, feeling the vibrations in my throat when I moan at the feeling of you pushing against the back of my throat and fucking my mouth. Knowing when the time comes you can just let go and explode, anticipating the tugging motions on your dick as I swallow your cum....

I wanted to know because I've been thinking about it a lot.


Friday, July 08, 2005

Quickie 4

I wanna be inside u with ur legs wrapped around me and I wanna be doing u hard and deep, hearing u moan in my ear.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I forgot to tell you.

I brought myself off while you slept and you listened.

I was thinking about you kinda pinning me down and you had my clit between your lips and you were sucking on it and then letting it go, and then sucking it again and letting it go and it was getting all sensitive from being dragged between your lips again and again.

You had a finger deep inside me and you're driving me nuts and telling me not to cum yet.

When I did cum I think I was kinda loud. So if I woke you even just a little, I'm sorry...



Sunday, May 08, 2005

Public Lapdance

We're at a club and there are other people there that know us. I'm up on the floor with some of them and we're all dancing and shit and you're sitting at a table on kind of like a cushioned bench seat and you're watching me. I wink at you and you laugh and blow kisses back at me and you turn to talk to people sitting with you.

The song changes to one that's kinda suggestive and slow like, so I make my way to you and laughing, I start an impromptu lap dance. At first I'm messing around but when I look into your eyes I can see that it's exciting you so I start in earnest. I'm holding onto the seat you're sitting on as I move in time to the music. Your legs are slightly open and my knees are on the seat on either side of you. Watching me, you resist the urge to touch me as I dance just centimeters above your lap. My moves becoming more provocative, daring you to touch me.

You run your hands up the back of my legs, under my skirt and you stop about mid thigh. You can feel my muscles moving under my skin as I continue to move above you. Pulling me a little toward you, my pussy lightly brushes against your shirt and I moan and run my tongue across my upper lip.

You remove your hands from my legs and as a tease you move your hands to the front to rub me through my panties but instead your fingers slide between the lips of my pussy and into me and it's then that you're aware that there are no panties. The look on your face as you learn this information is almost comical yet a split second later an entirely different expression takes over and it is a look that is aware and teasing...

Still dancing above you, but sinking further onto your fingers too, my skirt is covering your lap and no one can see that you're hard and you very quickly undo your pants certain no one has noticed. You slide your fingers out a little, already knowing that I will move down lower to feel you inside me again.

Tensing your cock, it shifts and lightly skims my pussy. My eyes widen as I realise what you've done and then I too decide to tease. Moving up a little your dick is only just brushing against my lips. I continue dancing in time to the song and you trace your fingers down my legs and I can feel the trail of cum I've left on your fingers warm and wet on my leg where your fingers have been. By the time your hands leave my legs, your fingers are almost dry and you put them on my hips. You only hold me lightly so that I can still move how I want to, but you're just working out how I move so that when you're ready, and I'm in the right position, you push me down and you fill me with your cock. Keeping your hands on my hips and holding me down so that I can only grind against you, you tilt me forward so that my clit is rubbing against you and as I am already highly aroused I orgasm instantly around your cock. I lean forward and thrust my tongue into your mouth, moaning into you as I cum, my muscles moving against your dick and I can feel you twitching inside of me as you mess around with me. It does not look like we're fucking but my pussy is squeezing your dick and I'm tensing muscles Anywho until you groan during our kiss and you cum inside me.

We sit there for a while wondering how the fuck we're going to get ourselves out of this predicament when we hear someone clearing their throat and realise we've been kinda sprung by a couple of our friends. They're not too sure, but all they need is for us to make one false move and they'll know. So I laugh and I raise myself a little and continue to dance above you while you try and get yourself dressed again. The front of your pants are soaked with our juices and you leave your shirt out to cover most of the damage. As I move I can feel a slow trickle wending it’s way down my leg, tickling me as it progresses further down. I can smell us as I move and I know you can too.

I get off you and pull you up out of the seat and we tell people we'll be back in a bit and they grin knowing what we're about to do, not knowing that we already have, but we're so hot for each other that we're willing to mess around some more while not under the watchful eyes of others.

You take me outside and we find a secluded place and you slam me up against a wall, your fingers searching under my skirt, rubbing my clit hard with two fingers as I open up for you, my arms around your neck, drawing your head toward me so I can kiss you again. I can hear your breathing quicken as your fingers swirl around on my already sensitive clit and removing one hand from your neck I move it down and snake my hand down the waistband of your pants and I can feel that you're already hard for me again.
Rubbing your shaft hard I break the kiss so I can beg you to fuck me. I don't have to beg much as the minute I finish the sentence you pull yourself away and you turn me around to face the wall and undoing your pants again and lifting my skirt at the same time you then grab me by the hips and you swiftly enter me again.

This time you pound me hard and I open my legs further and bend lower begging you to deepen the strokes and to fuck me hard. We're both groaning and I have my hands braced on the wall as you're fucking me so violently that I'm glad that my elbows are locked or I'd be kissing bricks. Your breathing becomes irregular and harsh as you start to cum again. I push back and grind against you and work toward my own orgasm and it comes so hard that I feel like I'm going to faint and I ride your cock till the spasms stop.

Dropping to my knees I gently lick and suck you clean, you're so sensitive that you groan every time my tongue brushes the head of your cock and I keep saying sorry because I just want to taste you and your pants are in serious need of a washing machine.

We skip out on our friends, go home and shower together.


Lets do that